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February 24, 2014
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March 4, 2014

The circus is in town…I love it when the circus comes to town.  I’ve been planning a special little surprise for a practical joker of mine.  Seems he has been getting in to a lot of trouble lately, all under the guise of trying to be funny and pulling practical jokes.  But the truth of the matter is, is that he his antics have been far from amusing, and he has been acting like a spoiled little brat.  I come up with the perfect retaliation – he wants to be clown and the center of attention? Fine!  I’ll give him just that, LOL!

Everything is in place.  I bring him to the circus, but instead of going to the bleachers, I guide him to the back staging area.  I shuffle him behind a curtain where there are several women there waiting for him. It’s poorly lit, and they are babbling on about how everyone has been waiting on our arrival.

From his point of view, everything turns into a mixed blur of events: faceless hands stripping him down, pushing him down; something soft and thick being put under his tushie, then pulled up between his legs; the look on his face is of sheer panic, but I assure him all is well.  Just when the realization that he has just been put in a diaper by several anonymous ladies, I grab a cup, pull out a red clown’s nose, and press it securely on his nose.

“You like to entertain and make people laugh, right?  Well I’ve arranged for you to do just that!”  And with that I shove him out into the center ring, wearing just a diaper and a clown’s nose.  He looks back at me, pleading for rescue, but I wave him forward, whispering encouragements.  And then he hears it – the roar of laughter all around him.  He looks around, and finds him under a spotlight, with the ring lined with only women!  There is no escape as they close off his exit.

Oh the fun they have with him; the chants, the pointing, their caterwauling building to a deafening decibel.  The teasing and humiliation goes on and on and he is subjected to so many forms of humiliation and degradation, each more tantalizing then the last.

I smile a delicious smile as he looks back at me.  Yes, I think his diapered clown humiliation will due just the trick, hehehe.



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