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May 2, 2013
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May 4, 2013
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Diaper Fun

adult-diaper-guide-3 I found these diapers and thought to myself these would be good to use as a sort of diaper punishment looks like they have some kind of metal to them around the waist band maybe put some holes in the sides and insert the lock and there you go.Then you have some great diapers to use for those that like to take them off in front of everyone and runs around butt naked naughty some  like to do that or for the ones that likes to tiddy when they are told not to.

Are you one of these  that are very naughty and doesn’t do what your told then if you are you really need one of these diapers now think i will make sure i have a nice supply of these because it looks like they will be needed.Then after your in the diaper stick you in a locking crib laughing don’t like the sound of that my little one i just bet you don’t.



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