Mommy’s Pretty Sissy Boi
April 30, 2013
Diaper Fun
May 4, 2013

You thought you knew all there was about the AB/DL community, didn’t you?  That it’s sweet and fun and yes, a bit naughty, but all and all harmless, didn’t you?  But I’m here to tell you that there is another side to this apparent harmless world; one that is not so benign – it is the seedy underbelly of the AB/sissy world of which I speak.  And in this underworld of diapers and sissy dresses, pacifiers and petticoats, unsuspecting would-be Abies and Sissies are snatched up, gagged, and dragged to a place where they are displayed and auctioned off for various “less then honorable” intentions, heeheehee.

Oh yes, it is not talked about openly in mixed company, but whispered about in dark allies, in shadowed corners of less then reputable establishments.  Potential sissies and such are scouted, tracked and eventually, grabbed for training and auctioning.  Some buyers like their Abies and sissies broken and trained prior – others like to do the breaking in themselves (woe to those that are subjected to this manner of ‘training’).  There is even a darker side in which deals are made to borrow, rent out, and even swap these trafficked individuals as commodities.

So let me leave you with this last final thought – the next time you think you are being followed or watched, it may not be your imagination or paranoia… it may, in fact, be your soon-to-be abductors, plotting and planning your introduction into the wonderful world of AB/Sissy trafficking.



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