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January 20, 2014
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January 25, 2014
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diaper play with a mean ab sitter


This diaper girl alway’s does what she is told even if I am un comfortable while doing it.

I have to be crazy to think my mean ab sitter will ever change me when I let her know she has to check my diaper.

She just make’s a face and say’s not now and I stay in my messy and wet smelly nappie!

Can you believe it sometime’s I get a bad rash on my wittle hoo-hah and mommy get’s upset and call’s the sitter and yell’s but mommy alway’ send’s  me right back to that mean sitter!

I did not tell mommy but the sitter even stuck some of her pantie’s up my pink place and made me stand out side

to make me feel bad and it worked the neighbor looked at me for a long time and smiled, wonder why he smiled at me? Mommy would just yell more so I kept it quiet.




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