Sissy Fag Ty
July 5, 2016
Adult Baby Spanking from Mommy Candy
July 20, 2016

diaper mommy

Well Well it’s about time for some diaper discipline phone sex. You thought you could go around and pee and wet the bed every day without me noticing didn’t you? Thinking you’re slick by putting your sheets at the bottom of the laundry basket well don’t you know i have to dump that basket right into the laundry and it always shows up at the top of the laundry basket! So every time I dump it into the laundry I see all of those pee covered sheets you do know that right? So now I’m going to eliminate that problem all together and just put you back in diapers like you should of been in the first place. I threw out all your undies and replaced them with diapers so you can just pee in your diapers from now on like a big adult baby phone sex lover.



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