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July 6, 2016
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July 22, 2016
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Adult Baby Spanking from Mommy Candy


This  Mommy loves it when her ABDL baby has been naughty because it means she gets to take out her nice wooden paddle for a hard spanking. It’s made of solid red oak, and has a heart shape carved into it, not just for looks, but also because the hole makes the sting so much worse. T his punishment is not for an adult baby who has simply wet their diaper, or been occasionally naughty. This is for an adult baby who has been a total brat and needs a severe punishment. This is for when the adult baby has been so naughty and I have tried so many different ways to get them to behave until I have to pull them by their ear into the bedroom, tie their arms and legs, and lay them over their ABDL Mommy’s lap. I then rub their bottom with one hand and their back with the other. No hand spanking for this naughty adult baby, Mommy Candy just takes out the paddle and starts spanking. And I don’t stop until my adult baby is in tears and promises to never be bratty again.


Mommy Candy


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