Adult Baby Spanking from Mommy Candy
July 20, 2016
Humiliation Phone Sex With Crissy
July 24, 2016


Aww is my Adult baby girl hungry? I see you crawling behind mommy making your cute noises! First crawl behind your Abdl mommy so I can sit down in the rocking chair and have you lay across my lap and I am going to take out my huge breast and let you suck on my nipple and you can feel the warm breast milk easing down your throat. Is that good sweety? Mmhm mommy! Good baby, after you are done mommy is going to take and put you into your high chair and feed you some of your apples and bananas, but first let’s put on your bib! Here is your first bite, is it good! Don’t make that face, you’re going to eat it! Here comes another bite, you must be a very hungry baby this is your second bowl of food ! you’re a growing girl!  Now here is your last bite bite!! good girl you ate all of your nummies!  Now call me for some Abdl phone sex!



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