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June 10, 2012
Diaper Discipline: Diapered and Bound
June 13, 2012





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So a friend of mine wears his diapers to his college classes often.  He really wants to get caught or so he has been telling me this for a while now and I suppose it is true when they say be careful what you wish for because last Thursday it finally came true! He had been using a lot of enemas and suppositories and stuff, so much of it in fact that it just messed up his bowel cycle. And while he was in his critical thinking class it happened he had a complete Co-ed Dirty Diaper Blow Out!  Of course he had his adult diapers on, but he said it just exploded in his diaper as he was sitting there listening to his professors lecture. It was a noisy blow out too! He said he just sat and looked down hoping no one would know it was him, but he felt as if everyone knew and were just staring at him! He could feel as it gushed out and filled the diaper. He said he could feel his face become very warm from embarrassment, he felt as though al eyes were on him, as if they were staring at him through binoculars! He could hear is squish around as he wiggled from side to side so he sat as still as possible, he as though he would faint. When class was dismissed he said she stayed seated until the room cleared out and made his way very carefully back to him dorm room missing the rest of this classes for the day. He had a full Co-ed Dirty Diaper Blow Out! So who is next? Who wants to experience Dirty Diaper Blow Out Humiliation?!?




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