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June 16, 2014
June 17, 2014
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Brunette Mommy

Are you a adult baby who still makes poopy in your diaper?  Don’t you think its time to learn to use the potty?  Your not going to be a baby forever you know, baby has to be potty trained sooner or later and it’s become way later for you.  Don’t you worry little abie Mommy Janey has her own special brand of potty training and I’ll have you dry and in panties in no time.

Different Mommies have their own methods of potty training, ranging from making it a game and dunking cheerios, to lots of positive encouragement and patience. These are all great ways but the fastest way to potty train my adult baby is with diaper punishment and humiliation.  It’s very simple after baby poops DON’T change his diaper make him sleep in it….it wont take long before adult baby is diaper trained.


Mommy Janey



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