Diaper Locks
June 4, 2012
breastfeeding mommy fetish
June 5, 2012

"Tub Sex" "ABDL Phone Sex"

Don’t you just love having Bath Time With Mommy?  I get into the tub first, and reach out for you to join me. And then take you into my arms, lowering you down between my legs, so that I can wash your tummy. The whole while keeping you safely pressed up against me, so you don’t slip and slide and perhaps get a boo-boo.

After we get you all washed, and your hair clean. We splash and play in the water. Sometimes some of you like to get naughty in the tub with Mommy. That is okay, Mommy likes playing with you that way too, under all those soap bubbles, and warm water.

When we get out of the tub, Mommy takes you into your ABDL Nursery where we will put baby lotion on you, powder your bottom, diaper you up for the night, and put your into your most comfy jammies. Mommy then takes you over to the rocking chair, holding you close to me where you either get your bottle, or if you would like, you can drink from Mommy’s full breasts.

I think ending your day with a some Bath Time With Mommy is a great way to get you ready for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Mommy Liz


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