Not Just a Phonesex Mommy
June 3, 2012
Bath Time With Mommy
June 5, 2012

So you show up at my door with a messy, wet diaper and want it changed who do you really think is going to do that not me.Infact i have something so much better than a diaper change i have  brand new diaper locks that i will fix you up with that way that diaper can not be changed unless i say so.

Plus i am not in the mood to be changing your diaper you didn’t ask ahead of time if i would did you all you did was show and cry i need my diaper changed so get into the bedroom i am going to put these diaper locks on you and you can sit in this messy diaper until i decide you need it changed maybe i will then call mommy Lauren to change it for you or mommy Rebecca just never know which one might agree to it.



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