Celebrate the sissies!!!
August 19, 2012
Training Sissies
August 19, 2012

Would you like to go on an outing with Mommy? I love taking my Abie or little sissy out to many different places. The beach, the park, the zoo and the neighborhood pool are some of my favorite places. For my little sissy ABies, I like to take them to help mommy pick out lingerie and new panties or to the salon for a day of girl fun and makeovers. Where would you like to go with Mommy? In our fantasy world, we can go wherever your heart desires. Maybe you just want a little walk through the neighborhood for some humiliation in front of the neighbors. Maybe you want to shop for new ABie clothes and diapers. Wherever you want to go, Mommy can take you there.


So where would you like to go on an outing with Mommy?

Mommy Josie




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