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An Adult Baby’s Destiny Foretold!


"An Adult Baby's Destiny Foretold"


This crystal ball reveals a fate, take a seat, this cannot wait. The image it foretells to me, is of An Adult Baby’s Destiny!

Wait… Patience now, as the image clears, I see your life as it will appear. I am seeing an image of a man who lives all alone. He works and slaves everyday, trying just to earn a decent wage.

Home alone one fateful night, he heard a strange sound that gives him a fright. He peers through the window and ask, “Who is there?” a faint but loving voice replies, “My name is Mommy Sara, May I come inside?” He hesitantly opens the door and a beautiful women stands before. He invites her in and offers her tea; she sits while explaining her plight and plea. She tells him that she needs a place to stay a while, promises not to be a bother. In fact she says “I can make it worth your while.” He wasn’t quite sure of what she meant, but taken by her charm, he shrugs his shoulders and nervously replies, “What could be the harm!?!” So that night he sleeps unusually well, but he awoke to something that didn’t feel quite right.

As he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, Mommy Sara was sitting at his side. “Good morning sleepy head, rise and shine, its time to get up and out of bed!” He felt something squishy as he sat up; he pulled off the covers to take a look. “A Diaper!” he exclaimed “Why what is this?” She smiled at him and gave him a kiss. My adultbabyboi now, you will forever be, don’t fret my love I am here to take care of thee. Stunned as he was he did not flinch, she said to him “you are wet, I’ll change your diaper, it will be a cinch!” Mommy changed his adultdiaper and dressed him for the day, he bellowed to her “Enough of this, I have to get to work, I have bills to pay!” She scolded him for his hateful tone, “Is that any way to speak to your Mother?” He cowardly shrank down into the bed, pulling up the covers. He shook his head “no” and murmured not a word with sad eyes he looked up at her. She pulled him up onto her lap and caressed his head and rubbed his back. “It’s ok my sweet adult babyboi, you will always be Mommies pride and joy. Now we have much to do so let us begin our day, I will feed you breakfast and then you may play.”

And so the day was a marvelous one, Mommy cooked and cleaned while her baby had fun. He gave no thought of his once hard, lonely life and felt no angsts, no bitter strife. Instead he found comfort in Mommy’s arms, coddled and loved, soothed by her charm. So there you have it, your adult baby destiny foretold, but you must now place a call to Mommy Sara for it unfold.

Mommy Sara


YIM: phonemommysara

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