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March 21, 2012
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March 23, 2012
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Using Make-Up As A Feminization Method

One of my all time favorite Feminization Methods that I use is Make-Up.  There are others of course, but being able to see a very nicely applied Make-up look on a Sissy’s face just warms my heart.  It shows that they like to take care of themselves.  Now I do understand that some of you are just too young in your Sissy years to apply any sort of Make-up upon your sweet face without looking like a clown exploded next to you, but for the rest I like the well maintained look.

There is a proper way to apply eye-shadow, eye liner, lip liner, lipstick, blush, bronzer, concealer, primer, and mascara.  Why else do you think us woman take so long to get ready? First and foremost let’s start with the Make-up it’s self. You want a high quality product. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just make sure you read the packaging to make sure you are getting the best product for your money.  Do NOT use any make up from a discount store, there is a reason it is there, and that reason is because it sucks. But before we even get to the application of color to your face, you must take proper care of your skin.  There is no use in putting a good product on dirt, that would be like having had the Mona Lisa painted on toilet paper. Cleanse your skin, take care of your skin, treat it well, it’s the only skin you have. Plus if you take care of it, the application of the make-up will go on a lot smoother and cleaner.

I am not, of course, going to go into the whole routine here, if I were to do that, this blog would be multiple pages long, and nobody wants to see me prattle on that long. If you have any questions pertaining to any of what I stated above about this time of Feminization Method, or if you would like to spend some time with me on the phone while you turn on your web-cam for a make-up session, then please by all means, feel free to call.

Loving you all,


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