Public Sissy Humiliation Phone Sex
May 1, 2017
Taking My Adult Baby To Build A Bear Part 4
May 3, 2017

The next day we wake up and It’s time to get all of your adult diapers changed from bedtime and they are very soaked so I give them all a very quick change and then go in the kitchen and proceed to make breakfast well today we are going to go get on the boat and travel around the pretty lake while you are dressed in pretty dresses and poofy petticoats and your Abdl mommy grabs a hold of your fishing poles and baits them so we can catch some really awesome fish! The first girl yells for me to walk over and she has a turtle on the line and i said don’t touch so i run and grab some scissors to cut the line and we release it back into the water. The other 2 jump into the water and start splashing and we all get into the lake and start swimming! Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex



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