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July 8, 2013
My Little (Sissified) Monkey
July 9, 2013

adult baby girl

Sometimes I have a lot of trouble getting myself to sleep for naptime. Usually what happens is Daddy brings me my afternoon snack and bottle and waits for me to finish. Once I’m all done, Daddy changes my diaper so I can be all fresh and clean for my nap.

See, I think that when Daddy changes me and he touches me all over and wipes me between my legs… and rubs lotion on me so it feels all soft and warm and… oh boy – see just talking about it gets me all excited. So, after having my diaper changed my body feels all tingly and excited so its hard to get to sleep!

Don’t worry though, I found a really good solution for the problem hehehe!! About a week ago it was naptime as usual, Daddy brought me some strawberries for my snack and he sat with me while I ate them all up. Afterwards he put the changing mat underneath me and opened up my diaper. He wiped me up and then used my favorite smelling baby lotion all over my bottom and kitty. I felt myself getting all wet even as Daddy was still putting the lotion up, but of course he just finished and powdered me before taping me up *sigh*– but anyhoo, Daddy made me lay down and left me in my room to nap.

I knew I had to be real quiet or else Daddy would catch me and I’d get in trouble for not napping when I was supposed to. I reached into my bedside drawer and pulled out my little buzzer hehe! I stuck it down the front of my diapy and in just a few minutes I felt my tummy get all tight and my kitty just about exploded in my diapy!! I hid my buzzer under my pillow and drifted off to sleep feeling all floaty and squishy hehehe! Now I can get to sleep every day at naptime, I just use my special trick *giggles*!

kissies, Cali



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