Naughty Baby
August 29, 2010
ABDL Bedtime With Mommy Star
August 29, 2010

First off I have to say, I LOVE THE SHOES!  I want them.  I think this guy just looks fabulous.  He certainly has the legs to pull off the short skirt.  I do not know what those are around his calves though, if anyone does know please tell me.   You know what the best part of this photo is? Nobody, and I mean NOBODY is standing there staring at him, or pointing their finger, or laughing.  You see, I really do not think those of you who are afraid to go out into public dressed up have anything to fear.  So what if you wear a diaper, it’s covered, and to be honest unless you are into our fetish, people will not even notice you have one on.  So try it, and if you need to, look up to this person as inspiration.




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