wet bottom fetish
July 4, 2012
Bedtime Phone Sex With Mommy Candy
July 10, 2012


I love good and bad adult babies and any adult baby in between. I have fun disciplining those bratty types, it is fun, the power struggle that, I, of course always win. Sometimes having to resort to me being a stern Mommy. Those struggles can be a great deal of fun, I love bratty ABDL’s, and  I also love my sweet ones, that are just in all awe over me as their Mommy.

Those sweet, faces looking up at their hero and protector. I so enjoy those adoring babies. Yes, I love all kinds of babies from one extreme to the other.  What kind of ABDL are you? Would you like to tell me? I would love to know and if you need a Mommy, call me I would love to care for you no matter what kind of adult baby you are.


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