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July 4, 2012
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July 6, 2012
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wet bottom fetish

Mommy likes all sorts of fetish type’s but a favorite of mine is definitely  wet bottom fetish.

I just can not get enough of that eeshy squishy, soaking wet sloshy,washy sound of a dripping wet diaper.

These little legs rubbing together as they try to run from me and hide since he wet himself on purpose just so I will have to change him.

The little abdl stinker think’s he has mommy in the palm of his hand.

Little does he know I plan to let him sit and stew in his own juice’s ,ha-ha-ha let us see how he likes

being in that drippy old diaper for another hour or so.

Then when he is begging for mommy to change him just maybe I will think about it that is if he is lucky enough for me to feel that generous.

he can stomp his feet all he wants to but I will not budge he is the adult baby and I am the mommy

my rules are law in this land.

Not even tears will get him into a fluffy fresh,dry diaper…

My naughty little one.



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