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February 4, 2011
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February 6, 2011
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What is in your Toy Chest?


I actually still have the Toy Chest my Pa made for me. I loved my Toy Chest, it was like a secret hiding place for all my most favorite treasures!  I use to keep my favorite dress up clothes in it, secret treasures like jems and jewels, fake ones LOL but they were real to me. I use to keep my journal of course in my toy chest. I use to write all these great plays and scripts and then dress up and act them out. I use to use my stuffed animals as an audience. I guess that is when I first desired a life in acting. It later became a place where I would hide my diapers and began acting out my dl side in secret.  It was all part of my fantasy play and real life fetish and how they intertwined. So tell me what did you use to keep in your toy chest? I promise I wont tell *giggles* well maybe I wont.

Whisper your secret in my ear …..1.888.430.2010….Mandywantstoknow!

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