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February 6, 2011
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February 7, 2011
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Mommy Candy Loves Diaper Lover

Little, adult baby Daniel won’t stop crying and nobody but his ABDL  mommy Candy knows how to sooth baby DanDan.   Momma Candy knows best, I know when abie is hungry for his abie bottle by the short smacking sounds abie makes while tugging on mommy’s shirt, between high pitched screams.  That’s abies I’m hungry cry and nothing but his bottle will fill abie Dan’s hunger.  Once abies tummy is full he begins to nuzzle his face and his cry becomes more agitated but more of low cry indicating abie is tired and needs to sleep.  Mommy Candy even knows when abie is wet just by looking at baby’s face and sniffing the air lol sniff sniff pee-eeww someone made a stinky…c’mere stinky pants let Mommy change you.

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