Someone Needs a Hug
October 2, 2016
Dirty Diaper Phone Sex
October 3, 2016
Get up !! get up!! It is time to go shopping with your Abdl mommy! Wow your diaper is soo full I think you even got a little bit of urine on your pajamas. So let’s get you all clean up and changed into some dry onesies and a pretty little skirt with a matching bow and the cutest shoes to match your outfit! So let’s you get into the car! We pull up to the Adult Baby toy store and  I tell my sweet Sissy baby that” When you go inside you have to crawl everywhere, until I say otherwise”. Good girl! Now you can pick any toy you would like it doesn’t matter what it is. I follow her over to the pretty baby dolls and she picks it up and holds onto to it for a while and then throws it into the cart!  And I walk over to the dresses and shoes and pick some bright pink and green dress out and throw them into the cart! Call me for some abdl phone sex!
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