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April 11, 2012
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April 13, 2012
I think we sometimes over look all the things a Mother’s hands do for us. Let’s face it; they are the keeper of all things – both good and bad.


They create such wondrous and delicious things in the kitchen, stirring up a utopia of smells to tantalize and delight us in anticipation.  Can anyone resist the smells of fresh bread baking in the oven? Or not lay in waiting for the first batch of chocolate chip cookies to emerge from the oven, gooey and warm and crying out to be devoured?


They are the channeler of warmth and caring thoughts. With a simple touch we can feel her compassion, her empathy.  How many countless times have we felt them wrapped around us, holding us close, letting us know that we are special and loved? Chasing away any lingering feelings of pain or fear? Or even a brief but knowing touch to our arm, our back, our shoulder, conveying to us that she understands and is there for us always.


They are also the instrument of behavior adjustments; yes, a mother knows that a little one needs structure and discipline, and that an over-the-knee spanking is necessary at times to help her adult baby learn right from wrong.


And on that subject, is there anything more special then how a mother’s hands can expertly change an adult baby’s diaper?  How she caresses the delicate skin while cleansing the diaper area, wiping their private parts and erasing the remnants of a wet, messy diaper? How she then gently showers the area with sweet smelling baby powder, her fingertips swirling the soft, silky substance over their little bottom, their little weewee?


Yes, they comfort and sooth us; make us laugh and feel loved; teach us right from wrong; the gateway to all that an AB Mommy has to offer her little ones.  Indeed, a mother’s hands are an essential tool of an ABDL Mommy.



Mommy Maggie

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