April 10, 2012
Tools of an ABDL Mommy: A Mother’s Hands
April 11, 2012

"lactation fetish" "lactating ABDL Mommy"

What is one of my most favorite things in the world…being your very own Lactation Fetish Mommy.  I was made for this fetish, if you couldn’t tell. There is just something wonderful about one of you climbing onto my lap. Snuggling up against me as my hand rests upon your diapered bottom while you place your warm, sweet, wet mouth on my ready to be suckled nipple.

The first rush of sweet milk floods your mouth. Coating your tongue as it makes it’s way down into your tummy.  Me looking down at you, talking to you in a soothing voice, encouraging you to take more and more milk from my ample breast.  Can you see that? Can you taste it my sweet one?

Sometimes this is when it gets a little bit naughty. Mommy can and will play special games with you if that is what you want, all you need do is ask, and I will be happy to comply with your wishes. Although, I also enjoy this special time together, just you, me, the soft suckling noises, and my soft voice giving you nurturing instruction that you love.  There is nothing better in this world then being a Lactation Fetish Queen.

Mommy Savannah

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