My Little (Sissified) Monkey
July 9, 2013
rubber pants
July 15, 2013

Naughty Little Bugger!


I taught you better than to taunt and tease others. I thought you understood the necessity of minding your manners and doing as you’re told, but I see it’s time for another lesson.

All day, you’ve been teasing everyone in the nursery, and it’s time you see how it feels.  You’ve kicked and swatted poor little Sissy Dani, stepped on Baby Betsy while she was lying on the floor coloring, and then you want to run tattle to Nanny saying that the other ABies are “bugging you”.

Well Ricky, it’s time to see just what it feels like to be on the receiving end of all your teasing antics.  Nanny has a nice outfit that she keeps for extra special occasions like this one.  It’s a remote control bug suit.  Once you are wrapped tightly inside it, I will be able to move you anywhere I want, any way I want.

As I parade you’re buggy self through the nursery, each one of the Mommys and ABies will get to take a turn swatting the big nasty bug.  As soon as they’re done, we’re going outside for a little fresh air.  I think a nice, slow, walk down to the dog park is just the thing for you.

I can’t wait to see you wiggling and struggling against the suit while I control every move you make.  You thought you could get away with all your mean behavior, but I’m tired of seeing you bug the others.

Today’s lesson should be a smashing success!




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