August 9, 2013

Panty Boy Phone Sex

You didn’t expect me home so soon, so I can imagine your surprise when I caught you in my hamper with my dirty panties in your hand and your pants around your ankles.  I couldn’t help but giggle when I saw how red your face was as you tried to cover up your obvious boner.  The fact is, is that I’ve known for quite some time that you’ve been playing with my panties – a woman always knows these things *wink*. So now that I’ve caught you in my panty drawer, what ever shall I do with you?  Hmmmmmm…I think today I’m in the mood to put you right into those pretty little panties of mine.  First I’m going to rub them all over your face so you can be enveloped in my intoxicating scent; then I think I’ll shove them in your mouth so you can taste me, feeling me become part of you; And what, prey tell, comes next? I turn you into my dirty naughty panty boy by making you wear those panties of course!  Reset assured, refusal is NOT an option, and so if you give me any resistance or back talk I’ll put you over my knee and spank that bottom straight away. Once you have resigned yourself that you WILL be my good little panty boy, my play thing as it were, well…let’s just say there will be no limits to the delicious things we will do *wink*. Can’t wait to find out what that naughty things will be? Then give me a call my panty boy, and let the game begin! Maggie 1.888.430.2010
June 19, 2011

Panty Boy

You are a little panty boy, don’t deny it!  Always sneaking in my dirty hamper for my dirty panties, it is like a kid snooping around looking for leftovers Hahaha! Sneaking into my pantie drawers, watching me very careful hoping to catch a glimpse up my skirt. You are such a dweeb hehehe. Yes just a pathetic little panty boy who dreams about wearing panties. Cum here lil boy, I’ll make you wear a pair of panties alright! In the boys gym locker room! HA! Then for me and my girlfriends during our slumber party! Yup I sure will make you wear them clean ones, dirty ones, old one, new ones, smelly ones, bloody, wet ones, poopy ones hehehehe! You will be wearing them and Not just on your crotch either LOL! Cum wear some panties for me pantie boy! Jenna 1 888 430 2010  
May 28, 2011

Panty Boy

You asked me what color my panties were. And so I told you. You asked me what kind they were. And so I told you. And then I paused. And I asked you… What color are YOUR panties? And you paused. “How did you know I was wearing panties!!!???” I know because you’re a little sissy, that’s how. You didn’t even have to tell me you were a sissy. I knew from the moment you said “hello” on the phone. How is that? Cause I am GOOD…Thats how! Jenna 1 888 430 2010
August 4, 2010

Little Star

Little star lived in space with all the other stars and planets. Most stars were shiny and bright and made patterns in the sky, but try as she might, Little Star couldn’t shine as brightly as the other stars. One night when the other stars were dancing around the moon Little Star set off to see her friend, Twinkle. Now Twinkle was a wishing star and could make Little Stars wish come true. She wanted to be the brightest star in the universe! But Little Star couldn’t find Twinkle anywhere and she started to cry. Would she ever be as bright as the other stars ? Suddenly she heard a friendly voice calling out ,”Little Star, Little Star grab hold of my tail and I’ll take you for a ride!” It was Corky the comet. Corky had a long silvery tail and was always rushing through space. Straight away Little Star leaped onto Corky’s tail. It was time for an adventure! “Where are we going?” Little Star asked Corky. “We’re going to visit my old friend Mr. Sun, the biggest and brightest star of all.” Little Star was so excited she nearly fell off Corky’s tail. As Corky sped through space Little Star could feel the warm glow from Mr. Sun getting closer.” We’ll fly once around Mr. Sun and then it’s back home for tea” bellowed Corky. Little Star couldn’t wait. As they got nearer Corky heard Little Star shout out ,”Hello Mr. Sun.” Mr. Sun slowly turned around to see who was there. “ Well if it isn’t my old friend Corky… and who have you brought along to see me today?” he said with a warm and friendly voice. “This” said Corky, is my new friend Little Star. “ It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Sun “ said Little Star. “ I wish I was big and bright like you.” Mr. Sun chuckled to himself. “ It will be a long time before you’re as big as me “ he said, “But you’ll be much brighter sooner than you think “ he said, winking at Corky. Then Mr. Sun reached out his long shimmering arm and shook hands with Little Star, and as he let go a strange thing happened. Little Star felt all tingly inside, her eyes lit up and suddenly she started to glow brighter and brighter.” Looks like Mr. Sun has cheered you up a bit”, said Corky. Little Star gave Corky a big smile then turned around to wave goodbye to Mr. Sun. “ Thank you for making me bright and shiny”, shouted Little Star.” You always were”, said Mr. Sun ,”you just had to feel it inside.” Then with a whoosh from Corky’s tail they shot off through space and before Little Star knew it they were back home just in time for tea. Silvie
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