December 4, 2010

I heart diapers

I really love my diapers. It just had me thinking today. When I don’t get to wear them I am thinking about wearing them. Most of the time I get to though. So when I have to wear underwear it’s no good at all for little diaper boy. If I am in underwear I am worrying if I will pee my pants and leak, even though I am pretty good at not doing that. It’s a worry and I feel so much safer in thick comfy diapers.   DL Louie
October 30, 2010

Paddle hard!

  These shorts made me think of some of the babies I talk to. A lot of them just fuss and whine and need to be spanked or paddled. Usually when I take them over my knee or make them bend over a chair and lay down the law so to speak they straighten up and it’s all yes Daddy and sorry Daddy. Maybe if they had to waltz around in these shorts for awhile they’d know I had a clear visual of how to handle their sassy butts. Besides that, they’re cute.   Daddy Paul
July 18, 2010

I can’t wait

  It is summer time and with all the heat and humidity comes my annual beach vacation. I am so looking forward to laying on the beach sucking up some rays and swimming in the beautiful Atlantic ocean and maybe even do some deep sea fishing. I hope everyone gets to go to their vacation destination of their choice. So drop me a line,no pun intended, and let me know where you would like to go.   Louie
June 2, 2010

sissy salon

Ok sissies. It’s time for you to be in even shorter dresses and skirts so that means it’s time to go to the salon. Mommy Lexus will take care of you in her fantasy sissy salon. There you can make an appointment with me to get waxed, plucked,permed, styled, anything your sissy heart desires. I’ll help you go from fuzzy man to smooth sexy sissy. For the little bitty sissies well I have something for them too. Sissy baby bubble baths and fresh diapers. Won’t you come see me for your makeover?   Mommy Lexus
March 6, 2010

Mommy catches you again…..

Were you sniffing Mommies panties again young man? Answer me and tell me the truth! You like the smell of my dirty panties? Well your ABMommy has some special plans for you then. Your ABMommy dumps out all her dirty panties out on your bed and has you sleep on them. Now ABMommy will give you an even closer smell of her scent, lie still. Mommy Becca 1 888 430 2010
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