November 6, 2011

Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?

  An abie stole the cookie from the cookie jar! Who me? Yes you Couldn’t be I’m in my room with an abie playmate of mine… we’re changing each other’s dirty adult diapers and exploring each other’s bodies.  Tee hee… that tickles! Then who?   Winnie the Pooh stole the cookie from the cookie jar! Who me? Yes you Couldn’t be…. i can barely even MOVE, cuz I just ate entirely too many honey pots filled with honey…..   can’t even THINK about food right now!  Bout ready to explode! Then who?   Cartman stole the cookie from the cookie jar! Who me? Yes you You better respect my authority, and STEP OFF!  Besides it couldn’t have been me, I’ve been at home for hours eatin’ cheesy poofs, and waitin’ on dessert cuz Mom’s in the kitchen bakin’ me some pie. Then who?   Stewie Griffin stole the cookie from the cookie jar! You want the TRUTH???  YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!! Mommy and Daddy Griffin have been too busy to go to the store, so I’ve had to go the ENTIRE WEEK without the crunchy fortified  goodness of Cheerios!  My comfort food!  Where I come from  a aby without Cheerios is UNHEARD OF!  It’s  like SJP without Dior, Sheldon without quantum physics, Elle without the “Bend and Snap”, Ice without Coco, and Dr. Cox without his long list of girlie names for Dr. Dorian! UNACCEPTABLE!  I HAD to retaliate! So yes… I stole the blasted cookie… and I don’t feel one OUNCE of remorse for it! Now,  will you  KINDLY cease all this blathering, and remove yourself from my play area? You’re disturbing my chi, and making it simply IMPOSSIBLE for me to concentrate on the revision of my nefarious plots… My goodness!  Some people’s kids!   XOXO, Miss Cate Madison    
August 29, 2009

Abie Sitting

Hello my little sweeties, Samantha here! I had such a fun night last night *smirks* I just had to get on here and tell you all about it. I got a call from one of my parents friends last night, they had to go out unexpectedly and needed some one to watch their son, they couldn’t just leave him home alone after all he had apparently been a very bad abie boy. When I arrived at the house they told me all of what I needed for him was in the hall closet and he was waiting in the living then out the door they went. I walked into the living and to my surprise there sat the sweetest looking little abie ever, I couldn’t imagine that he had been a bad wittle abie at all! I sat down next to him and he moved right over and sat on my lap, what a sweetie! Since he was being such a good cuddley thing I decided he deserved alittle goodie, so I dug in my big bag of tricks, oh you know the one *winks*, and pulled out a little package of cookies and fed him every last one, he was such a messy abie when he was done I had to wipe him all down and give him a bubble bath!! When bath time was all over that’s when he started acting up and you know I do not take back talk or bad whiney abies! I took him and bent him over my knee and smacked his bottom good and hard until it was pink and he cried like a little girly. Once he had learned his lesson I put him in a fresh diaper and laid him down for bed. Hehe I’d go into more details but I have to run for a class, but if you want to hear more about it later give me call, ok? XOXOXO, Samantha
August 29, 2009

Itty Bitty Man

When the ABies I take care of are well-behaved they get story time. One of the favorite stories at Nanny Ella’s Nursery is Alice in Wonderland. I was reading to one good little boy the other day and we got to the part where Alice shrinks and grows. I could see the wonder on my little one’s face and I got all sorts of ideas of my own. Things I would do with a little one if he was literally little, if he was tiny. The little brats would be easier to take care of. Bad boys would get shrunk. I can also think of some fun I could have that would bring me a lot closer to my sweet babies. Like to play really little? Let Nanny shrink you down to size. Your Nanny Ella Call now for hot, fun, naughty nanny role play phone sex 1-888-430-2010 $1.99/minute (10 minute minimum)
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