Tight In A Bud
August 29, 2009
Abie Sitting
August 29, 2009

When the ABies I take care of are well-behaved they get story time. One of the favorite stories at Nanny Ella’s NurseryI-love-you-Giantess is Alice in Wonderland. I was reading to one good little boy the other day and we got to the part where Alice shrinks and grows. I could see the wonder on my little one’s face and I got all sorts of ideas of my own. Things I would do with a little one if he was literally little, if he was tiny. The little brats would be easier to take care of. Bad boys would get shrunk. I can also think of some fun I could have that would bring me a lot closer to my sweet babies. Like to play really little? Let Nanny shrink you down to size.

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