November 22, 2014

Thanksgiving and Diapers

Is everyone looking forward to Turkey Day?  So much delicious food to taste and sample… and let’s face it, gorge upon.  Between all the traditional dishes (i.e. turkey, stuffing, corn, sweet potatoes, etc.) and all those new or special family recipes handed down from generation to generation, your stomach would have stretched beyond its capacity.  And as always, what goes in, must come out.  Now the question is, will what comes out, come out TOO easily or with great difficulty? And will there be a long line at the bathroom?  This is where wearing adult diapers comes in handy. First off, you don’t have to be bothered with those pesky lines at the bathroom – you know it’s gonna be a while when Uncle Joe heads into the John with not just the newspaper, but two other magazines as well. Secondly, if things below the belt are flowing a little too freely, then you won’t have to make that mad dash to the bathroom every five minute (this is where I should mention that you should have a pair of thick, tightly fitting plastic panties on over said diapers to keep the runs from running away from you so-to-speak, lol). Thirdly, if things are NOT moving like they should be down below, then walking and moving is always good to get things going in the right direction – that way you can walk a little, poop a little; walk a little, poop a little…can’t do that without a diaper, can you? (well, you could, but I don’t think Aunt Gertrude will be pleased to follow you around with her trusty pooper-scooper as little turds are deposited on the kitchen floor). I hope everyone enjoys their Turkey Day…and don’t forget the diapers!! Mommy Gina 1.888.430.2010  
November 29, 2009

ABDL’s Hope you Enjoyed!

Hope you all you ABDL’s enjoyed a Fabulous Feast with Friends, Family, and Fornication *hehehe* The fornication being the best part, that is if you could get it up after eating all that food. I know some of you just couldn’t hack it, so I am sure many of the wives got out the good old electronic devices. Ah, but perhaps you also were taking pleasure with those devices as well, a nice plump dildo right up the ass. Regardless, now is the time to get those juices flowing and work off that Turkey Call for your work out, I’ll whip that lard ass back into shape in no time. Now Call or it will be Off with Your Head! Rebecca 888*430*2010 International 714*442*2402
November 23, 2009

Give Thanks

Goodbye, Pumpkin Pie! Year after year after year I go crazy! Every Thanksgiving I sit with the babies! It’s the little kids’ table; The table for tots, Where my mom makes me sit If I like it or not. The table for grown-ups Is fit for a king, With goblets And giblets And gold napkin rings, And bread rolls and salad And dressing with drippings, One glass just for drinking, And one just for sipping! But here all the kids Drink from Styrofoam cups, We eat small turkey bits That our moms have cut up. Our plates are red plastic And so are the spoons, And we eat by ourselves In a small dining room. I have dozens of cousins Age one and age two Whose Thanksgiving feast Is a greenish-brown goo. They slop up their faces With vegetable mashes And after they drink They all have Milk mustaches. They urp, And they burp, And they belch And they gulp; Oh, why can’t I sit At the feast for adults? All the mooshing And mashing And smooshing And gnashing! I put down my fork And I thought about fasting! I’d never eat turkey Again in my life! Never pick up a fork! Never pick up a knife! I’d fast like a mountain-top Indian swami; I wouldn’t touch mustard Or bread Or salami! “I’ll never eat mushrooms “Or green beans “Or squid! “And I NEVER will eat “At the table for kids!” “What’s wrong?” asked my mom, She was pouring some drinks; “You haven’t touched dinner… “Not one single thing!” She straightened the napkin Tucked under my chin, She gave me a hug As she pushed my chair in, She cut up my turkey bits Two sizes smaller, She held up my glass, “Have a sip of some water!” She dished up a spoon Of potatoes and gravy; My mom tried to feed me Like I was a baby! Well, my face turned as red As the rhubarb pie filling! I quick turned away, And my cup went a-spilling! BOOSH! Water splashed on Mom’s face and her hair, And it looked like some gravy Was mixed up in there, Because polka dots spotted My mom’s bright white dress! Her Thanksgiving suit Was a gravy-brown mess! I should’ve said “Sorry!” I should’ve said “Oops!” I should’ve helped mom Wipe the gravy-brown goop. What happened instead Is a mystery, my friends. But there’s one thing for sure- – – I won’t do it again! I opened my mouth- – – Do you know what I did? I sassed my mom back Like a spoiled snotty kid. “I can use my own fork! “I can use my own knife! “And I don’t want to sit “At the table for tikes!” “I can’t stand all the gunk! “I can’t stand all the gak! “I won’t watch little Timothy “Eating like that!” “He’s got yams in his hair, “He’s got yams North and South, “And there’s food everywhere “But inside of his mouth!” “Then there’s Sarah […]
November 12, 2009

Turkey special

May your stuffing be tasty May your turkey plump, May your potatoes and gravy Have nary a lump. May your yams be delicious And your pies take the prize, And may your Thanksgiving dinner Stay off your thighs! After baby has his turkey dinner, Mommy will be here to change your stinky diaper and put you to bed. kisses Mommy Ava  
November 5, 2009

ABDL’S First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving comes on Thursday by the president’s decree. But Friday, good old Friday is Thanksgiving Day for me. There’s lots to eat on Thursday, just heaps and piles of stuff, but mother always worries for fear there’s not enough. So many folks for dinner, she’s sure that some will starve and whispers to my father, “Be careful how you carve.” And as for me, she warns me, I’ve heard it all before, “No matter what we pass, you don’t ask for any more.” But Friday, one day after, she doesn’t feel that way. I’ve heard it all so often, I know she’s going to say, “Whoever would have guessed it, to see those people eat, that on this turkeys carcass there’d be left a shred of meat? I thought before they finished we should have to cook it’s mate, but there’s quite a lot left over. Come, Willie, pass your plate.” Thanksgiving may be Thursday by the president’s decree, but Friday, oh boy,Friday, is Thanksgiving Day for me. And it isn’t only turkey for there’s nuts and fruit and pie, and no one counting noses with a watchful worried eye. There’s joy in every closet, a surprise on every shelf, and only gentle warnings if I go and help myself. There’s candy in a box upstairs, and in the shed a jug, with just enough of apple juice to make it go ker-chung! Thanksgiving may be Thursday, if you’re eating as a guest, but I give thanks for Friday, for home folks, that’s the best. Author Unknown I hope you enjoyed that.  Mommy wishes she could read it to you in my sweet soothing voice.  Lets all get ready for Thanksgiving by thinking of one thing that your thankful for?  Me I’m thankful that my life is full of so many kind and loving people who love me just the way I am. Mommy Candy 1 888 430-2010
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