Small Penis Humiliation
May 12, 2016
Trouble Part 6
May 15, 2016


I’m going to set you on my lap nice and gently and comforting and since I know you are hungry I’m going to open the buttons on my top and open the front insert of my nursing bra.  I am going to move you into position so that your little Adult Baby Boy mouth is over my engorged right breast and gently pull your head inward to my chest.  That’s it my Adult Baby Boy, suck all of Mommy’s milk and make your belly nice and full.  I’ll see you getting exciting by suckling on my breast and move my hand slowly up and down the front of your diaper getting you even more excited as you suck even harder which makes me excited.  I know you will feel that warm sweet goodness that Mommy made just for you, flowing into your mouth and down your throat.  After a bit I’ll reposition you by my left breast and open the insert there and bring you ever so gently to suckle on my left breast and take all of the milk.  I’ll continue massaging the front of your diaper listening to your breathing until finally I feel your get even harder and then moan while you fill your diaper with another kind of wetness.  Next it will be off to the nursery for a much needed diaper change while I figure out how you will satisfy Mommy. Call me my sweet Adult Baby Phone Sex.



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