Day Out With Mommy Crissy & our Sissies!
May 29, 2013
Day out with Mommy Sara and our submissive sissy’s
May 30, 2013

Oh i smell something that is not so good i wonder what it could be hmm may have to do a really good search of the room to find it but i will baby knows i always find what ever it is stinking up this nice clean room.I wonder and look from one corner to the next i hear some giggling come from the corner of the sofa i dart my eyes toward the giggling knowing its you stinky britches i smile to myself  we always end up playing this game don’t we especially when you make messes in those nice clean diapers i try to keep on you.I pretend i am searching  really hard to find that smell you  look away and i grab you laughing right along with you.

Oh what fun it is to play the game of hid-and-seek stinky diaper change



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