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July 23, 2011
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July 24, 2011
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Spanking Time

Come little abies and gather round,

Mommies on the troll, with paddle in hand,

Follow me and hush now don’t make a sound.

Shes on the hunt for little ones that have played in their diapey,

hid their peas under the sofa,

or have not kept their rooms nice and tidey.

Let’s hide underneath the playhouse outside,

we might be safe there,

OH NO! Daddy as arrived.

If he finds us here, He’ll surely tell,
For he gets spanking too,

Run QUICK! up behind the fishing well.

Shew-weee, I think we’re in the clear,

OH NO! Rufus is barking,

He has alerted Mommy Dear.

She walks towards us stomping her feet,

Grabs us by the ears and leads us in,

No Mommy No, we plead!

Draws pulled down, and over the knee,

She strikes us counting,

One, Two, Three……

Mommy Sara
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