Sissy ABDL Phone Sex
December 12, 2016
Candy’s Little Sissy Slut
December 16, 2016

Hi there incest phone sex lovers. Naughty boys will never get past me without being punished. You think just because you’re a mommas boy doesn’t mean I’m going to go easy on you. If you’re going to be known as my son then I need to protect my reputation as well as yours and that means by disciplining you in whatever way I see fit. The level of your punishment will go according to the level of your naughtiness. If you’re really naughty mommy might have to bend you over her knee and spank you bare bottom. Mommy knows your little cock gets hard every time she spanks you. Maybe mommy should spank that cock for getting hard during a punishment. Mommy will not stand for any hard ons and you better not try to touch yourself without my permission! Only good taboo phone sex lovers get rewarded.

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