Playing Dress-Up
September 10, 2012
Post Labor Day Special!!
September 10, 2012
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Sneaking around

Its spanking time for you been a  bad young one have you not.Oh you know i caught you peeking around the corner when you were suppose to be in time out.I put you in the corner with your nose in the corner of your bedroom and told you not to move until you were told to.But no you just had to peek at me undressing did you not.I shouldn’t have told you also that i was going to take a shower.But either way you should not have come out of there until told otherwise.Now come on take your medicine.You know its going to be one really hard spanking but i know you enjoy those kind so very much.Not given you just a tap on the behind on no not for you i think this crop will do very nicely don’t you.



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