Adult Diapered
March 13, 2011
Sissy Princess
March 14, 2011


Now I know that you like your frilly sissy panties. I like them too, but you and I both know how it is when you get excited. You end up wetting in those frilly panties. Almost every single time we go out and I’ve put you in panties my sissy girl gets so excited at how the panties feel that she ends up getting them wet right? Well that means that you just need diapers sissy baby, it’s as simple as that. What we can do is get some cute frilly diaper covers to go over your thick baby diapers and then you have both diapers and sissy panties. It’s a compromise that will make sissy happy and keep Mommy happy knowing your panties will probably be dry. They’ll be dry unless you get really wet and leak your diapers into your panties, wouldn’t that be terrible little girl?


Mommy Liz

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