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June 2, 2010
The Mommies
June 5, 2010

sissy maid


I can’t help it, I like sissies in diapers. So if you do some sissy maid training with me there is a large possibility that you will be put into cloth diapers and very sissy rubber panties. There are lot of chores to keep a sissy maid busy. Laundry adds up fast so she has to stay on top of it. It’s busy for sissy when she has to keep refreshing the glass of her Mistress. She knows that she better do well because a switch or paddle is always close by. Her Mommy Mistress has already shown her that she has no problem having her bend over the sofa for a switching on the backs of her freshly shaven thighs. How trained are you? Expert maid or still in need of discipline and rules?


Mommy Shirley


International 714*442*2402

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