adult baby waiting Patiently
April 5, 2011
A World Made for Two
April 8, 2011


Meet my new Sissy Krissy, she is a pretty little missy, isn’t she? Oh what fun my Sissy Krissy and I have. She is my new pet! She is the perfect little slut, she loves to show off her panties, her stockings and her pretty dresses! She loves to dress up for me. Oh and let me tell you she is the best cocksucker! I find such joy in fucking her face and then fucking her little clitty! Why I sure love to brag about my newly found sissy bitch, she likes to be fucked hard! My kinda gal, the rougher the better for this little whore! Why our last encounter was one at a ladies nights where she showed all my girlfriends just how much my cock meant to her! Didn’t you Krissy? *tehehe*

Mommy Sara’s new Sissy Krissy!
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