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March 9, 2012
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March 11, 2012
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Sissy Domme party

Mommy Crissy recently had a sissy domme party for my  little princess.

Kellie was her name and She was misbehaving a lot lately so we decided to make her part of a little game.

She came in and my best friend Selina and I got her into the most beautiful pink frock we could find.

We did her makeup and put pretty pink frilly ribbon’s in her hair and small pink earrings in her ears.

Then she said” it is’nt fair that you two get to pick what I wear ”

I replied that “it is fair cause you are in our care”.

Then we covered her eye’s and spun her around to face the living room.

When we uncovered her eye’s she saw a room full of classy,stylish ladies.

We walked her around the room and she took each lady’s hand and kissed the top like the gentleman she was.

Then each lady stood and Kellie danced with them to some old 45″s swaying back and forth she was made to prance around like a

cute sissy sweety.

“Is’nt it fun dressing up and looking so cutesy? I asked her

“She said no, it is not”! she seemed to be getting very hot for all the excitement we had caused by putting her on the spot.

“May be now, you will think twice before acting out seeing how uncomfortable you got or maybe not” I said.

Come Act out with me, and I will make it so much fun or no fun at all anything you desire.

I can’t wait for you to hang with Crissy

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