Adult Baby Feedings
March 8, 2012
Sissy Domme party
March 11, 2012


"My Impregnation Fantasy"


Do you love impregnating women? Or perhaps the idea of fucking a preggy?

I love the idea myself; to me it is the ultimate turn on! Imagining it being my ovulating time of the month when my passionate lover stops by unexpectedly. With barely a word spoken, he rushes through my door, hard and ready. He waste no time whisking me away to my bedroom and before I even get the chance to let him know that I have stopped taking my contraceptives he has already fucked me every way to Sunday! More than once his massive amounts of love juice filled with his very potent sperm made its way up into my love canal. As we both lay exhausted from our marathon fuck fest, I begin to rub my already protruding belly in delight as I imagine the wonder that is happening inside me. Growing more excited and ready to fuck again to be sure that my Impregnation Fantasy cums to fruition.



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