Naughty or Nice?
November 26, 2011
I Want To Be Your Phone A Mommy Angel
December 3, 2011

Little sissy abie has been learning – I’ve finally got him in diapers where he belongs; he has purchased a paci and a new pink bottle to drink out of, and has even ordered some sissy panties.  The main thing little sissy abie has been learning is not to make his Mommy angry with him!

He was very naughty, and I simply will not put up with such antics.  So my little sissy abie got ignored by Mommy and had to cry alone in his messy, full diaper for a long, LONG time before Mommy finally listened to his constant begging and gave him another chance.  Now he knows Mommy is the one in control and not him, and it’s time for him to learn how to be a good little abie.


Pick up the phone little abie, and find a strong, confident and sometimes even cruel Mommy that will control you.


Mommy Maggie


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