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December 1, 2011
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December 5, 2011
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I Want To Be Your Phone A Mommy Angel

Mommy Lauren

When you think of all the wonderful Mommies, Aunties, Sitters, Baby Girls, Grannies, Daddies and Baby Boys here at Phone A Mommy what do you think?  I myself tend to see us all as an ABDL and Sissy’s Guardian Angels.  The reason I think this way is because even when we are not in contact with you, we think of you.  We wonder how your day is going, how the problems you told us about are turning out for you. If you are being good and following instructions that you may have been given by one of us, and even if you are well and not ill in anyway.

We get to know each and every one of you so very well.  We have been speaking to a lot of you since 2005, and that my dear ones is a very long time to have any type of relationship, no matter the dynamic.  Some of you are not under my care but are also someone I consider a friend, because of all the secrets we share.  And all of us here accept you for whom you are.  We understand and try our best to make you feel comfortable and endugle you in all your little kinks and whims.

We lovingly diaper you, coddle you, speak to you, sing you songs, listen when you have a bad day, and pay attention to you.  Now some of you can be a bit on the naughty side, and that’s alright as well.  Because when you care for someone there are times where you must discipline them so they do not stray off the path too far.  As you can see from all I said; us here at Phone A Mommy fit into what I consider to be Angelic in nature and deed.

Wanting To Be Your Angel Mommy,



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