A Day To Remember
May 23, 2013
Sitter Cali
May 27, 2013

It was so much fun shopping the Adult Baby furniture store online with the baby.  We decided on an adorable play pen and matching changing table (they will custom stain them to match – how nice of them!!).   Now Mommy won’t have to put the baby on his bed to change him.  I can hardly wait to see him in his playpen.  He already has many toys to play with.  He has a toy monkey that was one of his first animal friends.

Next month we are going to shop for more.  His dreams are to turn his bedroom into the perfect ABDL nursery.  Our next purchase is going to be a rocking chair so Mommy can rock him to sleep.

I’d be glad to help you with your redecorating too!

Mommy Lexus


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