Teenage Dreamgirl
October 1, 2012
Diaper Humiliation
October 4, 2012

I am way into being a  Rock’n’Roll Femdom ,I love it loud & get very into the music I listen to.

My playroom has soundproof walls so I do not disturb my 2 protective pet rottweielers Pain & Chaos.

They would get quite upset if they heard mommy while she worked with her diaperboys & sissy slut slaves.

Mistress Veronika always makes sure everyone who enters her playroom knows what their role is inside &

outside the playroom. I pride myself in being an accomplished humiliatrix  I get my sissy all prettied up & diapered then invite a beautiful topless assistant domina to be in the room taunting them with her luscious breasts while my sissy is bound on my table I verbally tear him down  for being such a pathetic,perverted easily controlled mess of a man I also swat his bottom viciously with my paddle to add to his degradation . My sissy is just in tears & my topless assistant domina starts to rub her breast’s on his red bare bottom achingly slow saying just how sick he makes her feel. My diaperboy is bound to a chair in the corner wetting himself & I tell him he has no choice that he has to stay in that puddley wet diaper he starts to cry & I stuff a ballgag in his mouth.

When I was all finished with thoes two they both went home with very sore bottoms suffering just the way I like my slaves!

Viciously loving my slaves,

Mistress Veronika



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