Changing Adult Babies Diaper Anywhere
May 31, 2013
Kinks , the Phonedomina
June 3, 2013

Maybe you haven’t  thought about wearing plastic pants before. However, if your a messy diaper aby then mommy thinks that wearing a pair of plastic pants to protect your cute little outfit might be just what’s needed. You know you should also listen to the advice of your loving mommy Lauren unless of course your one of the aby’s that likes to be disciplined. It’s not a very pleasant feeling when I get upset and have to give your little wet tush over the knee spankings! I’m really the kind of mommy that enjoys loving and light correction types of spankings. But don’t get me wrong, if I feel like you are doing something or have done something to disappoint mommy then I will certainly show you who’s boss.  I’ve picked out a cute little pink pair for all of you adult babies that may need some sissy aby training, mommy will transform you into the cutest little girl aby you have ever seen! XO

Mommy Lauren

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