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March 4, 2012
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March 4, 2012
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Phonemommy fun

I had some real Phonemommy fun the other day, I got to talk with one of my absolute favorite ab friend’s let’s call him Cass.

He was a very naughty one I caught him drawing on the wall’s and he knew he was in for it.

So I said “What do you think you are doing ,mister?”

He looked shyly up at me with a sly smile and said “I’m getting  in trouble aren’t I?”

“Yes, you certainly are”.  Then I took him over my knee and gave him some good swat’s.

“Oh Mommy, can I have some more, I have been thinking of getting in all kinds of naughty mischief.”Cass just could not get enough of

his mommy fun.

Cass and I all the fun things he did on his vacation to Colorado.

He got to see his friends from his childhood and went to a real awesome concert where a girl came out into the crowd and did magic tricks.

“How exciting your vacation was!” I said

“I know mommy it is so fun to get away and see my family and friends,though it is so nice to be back home nice and comfortable in my diapers.”

he said.

I love nothing more than to hang out with my cool ab friends!!

Call me anytime and we can have fun too.

Sexy Crissy



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