August 31, 2012
Mommy’s Helper
September 2, 2012
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Phone Sitter Fun With Jenna


You all know who it is! Yes that’s right it’s Jenna, your teasing phone sex hottie of a babysitter! When it comes to belittling that tiny thing between your legs and dressing you up like a cute little girl, theres nothing I know how to do better! So your Mommy and Daddy just left you all alone? Well no that’s not true, I’m here now. What do you want to do first? We can do anything you want it’s all up to you. There’s no limits with this sitter. The fun doesn’t have to end with me either. I can invite some of my girl friends over and they can play with you too! I’m sure between you and a couple of beautiful teasing phone sex women, we can think of something to do.


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