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May 23, 2010
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May 23, 2010
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OMG Lost has me so Lost!

Okay so my first thoughts are that we need to round up everyone who had anything to do with the Lost series and take them to a deserted island and let them live there for 6 years as retribution.  How dare they leave us with more questions than answers. When did they die? What happened to Michael? Why did they want his son? What experiments were they performing on him? What happens to the Island? How did Furly and Ben die and when? Why couldn’t anyone be born on the island? Was it because they were already dead? But what about Claire?  Did they really fly off the island at the end? What happened to them? Did they ever really leave the island the first time around? What happened to Claire’s baby? What was the deal with the alternate life if it never really happened? I know there are more questions I have – But Again When did they die? The first time the plane crashed? Where was everyone else that was on the island? I hate to admit it But I am sooooo Lost…………..


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