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June 10, 2010
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June 12, 2010


I have to vent about the unpleasant nature of the crisis we are in. My heart is feeling so heavy for all the marine life, wild life, our environment and us Americans. I for one would like to know where are all the celebrities and people with all the money, when Haiti got hit, they were on TV within a few days raising money, where are the concerts for the Gulf? Do they not think charity begins at home? I guess not I suppose that’s why the poverty and orphans in America go ignored. Even though the numbers of children who go hungry in the richest country are in the tens of millions. Okay, back to the oil spill, where are all the Democrats we voted in? Are still too busy patting themselves on the back over the half assed health reform they got passed? I may be voting Independent. These Democrats are too soft! I think I would like to dress them all up as Sissys! I voted Obama in but he’d better step up and Tell – BP – Bad People to Move it On Over! We need to freeze their assets ASAP and I don’t recommend boycotting them as much as we would like to, we need as James Carville said “FAT” We need a FAT COW to milk dry. Okay, I feel a little better, but its temporary. Thank you Suzy for going to help out the Gulf and others that are working in helping.

Mommy Sara

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