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June 9, 2010
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June 11, 2010
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Binky Buddy


Mommy Candy

Binky Buddy is abies best friend
Everywhere that abie goes
Her Binky is sure to follow

When abie is upset or sad
Only her Binky can make her feel glad

Whether in a crib or in a tub
abie needs her Binky Buddy to make her feel loved

When Binky is lost
And abie keeps crying
Nobody’s getting any sleep
There’s no denying

We search high and we search low
Binky buddy where did you go?
Abie needs you to comfort and sooth her

And just when we thought we could take no more
Abie spots her Binky, right there on the floor

Suddenly it’s silent and abie is calm
Reunited with her Binky Buddy
And drifting off to dreamland

Mommy Candy
1 888 430-2010

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